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Staff Augmentation

Designed to seamlessly extend your team's capabilities with top-tier ERP experts. Tailored to meet the unique demands of your projects, we deliver the right talent at the right time, ensuring your ERP initiatives are executed flawlessly. From short-term needs to long-term projects, across various industries, our dedicated professionals are ready to empower your business.

Consultant Retention

At the core of our Staff Augmentation services is our unwavering commitment to consultant retention. Starting from day one, our consultants enjoy comprehensive benefits, including diverse medical plans, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, and a 401K plan.


By prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of our talent, we ensure our clients have motivated, engaged, and focused professionals driving their projects forward.

Our staffing division excels in providing staff augmentation solutions across North America. Catering to both public and private sectors, our expertise extends from State and Federal Government to Insurance and Information Technology, among others. With our comprehensive reach and industry-specific knowledge, we ensure that you have access to the top talent, no matter your field or location.

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